Enjoy a day trip to Lake Balaton and Herend !

Lake Balaton is a freshwater lake in the Transdanubien region of Hungary and only 100 Km from the Capital Budapest. . It is the largest Lake in Central Europe and one of Hungary’s foremost tourist destinations with Siofok as  the largest City.

The mountainous region of the northern shore is known both for its historic character and as a major wine region, while the flat southern shore is known for its resorts town. 

The peak tourist season extends from June until the end of August. The average water temperature during the summer is 25 °C, which makes bathing and swimming popular on the lake. Most of the beaches consist of either grass, rocks, or the silty sand that also makes up most of the bottom of the lake. Many resorts have artificial sandy beaches and all beaches have step access to the water. Other tourist attractions include sailing, fishing, and other water sports, as well as visiting the countryside and hills, wineries on the north coast, and nightlife on the south shore. The Tihany Peninsula is a historical district. Badacsony is a volcanic mountain and wine-growing region as well as a lakeside resort. The lake is almost completely surrounded by separated bike lanes to facilitate bicycle tourism. Although the peak season at the lake is the summer, Balaton is also frequented during the winter, when visitors go ice-fishing or even skate, sledge, or ice-sail on the lake if it freezes over.

Visit the World,s largest Herend Porcelain Manufactory (fonded 1826) including Shopping Opportunity at the factory, we visit as well  Tihany Peninsula the famouse Nature Reserve as well. We show you the Tihany Abbey founded in 1051 as well. You will see as well The Oldest Spa at Balatonfüred.

The price includes transportation with a 1. Class Bus with Air Condition, lunch in a Traditional Csarda (3 course meal with wine).

Price per person is HUF 19000.– (approximative € 60.–)